Edge Factor Solutions provides both project and retainer services to help teams and individuals apply measurable digital marketing strategies to their reputation, e-commerce, education, fundraising, advocacy and marketing campaigns and operations. We serve as coaches to assist capable teams who need guidance with strategic planning, building digital assets and executing marketing campaigns. We carefully craft service packages to match the unique and specific needs and capabilities of each of our clients. Our services range from total handling of a campaign or project to guiding staff to help them self-manage programs. Edge Factor Solutions remains available for as little or as much oversight and analysis as needed.

Examples of our services include:

Personal brand coaching

We guide executives, entrepreneurs, social influencers and others develop their personal brand via step-by-step goal identification, planning, writing and marketing campaign development sessions.  Individuals come away with the plans, tools and content to continue promoting their personal brand.

Small business coaching

Small business owners may feel overwhelmed and not know where to go beyond basic digital marketing. We provide a virtual hold handing service to determine cost-effective strategies for any budget. Then we stay by your side to help you and your staff put these strategies into place, measure the impact and adjust the programs.

Content inventory, evaluation and editing

It is a common difficulty for those within an organization to gauge how content needs to be adjusted for new websites. We review the available content and recommend what must be adjusted to match new goals, messaging and strategies.

Website architecture and redesign coaching

Marketing professionals and teams frequently desire to move the creation of their online properties in-house. We work with teams to guide, schedule and provide third-party critique and validation for internal efforts.

Goal and strategy development assistance

Every project or campaign is dependent upon defining clearly measurable goals. We work with executives, managers, boards and other stakeholders to define these goals and the related measures to be applied to all aspects of your business

Online fundraising strategy development and deployment

Non-profits and NGOs of every size must adapt to utilize online fundraising beyond Donate Now buttons and forms. We can help your fundraising team review the variety of best practices to deploy membership, annual and other fundraising campaigns at a lower cost than traditional direct mail and digital forms.

SEO analysis and team training

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most critical online marketing strategies for the support of almost any website or social media presence. We educate your team how to author, edit, tag and otherwise manage content, links and other aspects of a rich SEO strategy.

Social influencer identification and outreach strategies

Social media campaigns require you to know those who are most influential within your industry. We can help you to identify services and individuals that are most important to your goals. We can then outline how to deploy public relations practices to engage with these influencers to become your supporters.

Website performance analysis, goal setting and training

Analysis of Google Analytics and other website performance reports goes well beyond page views and sessions.  We assist with interpreting reports to examine how the variety of marketing strategies are working towards your business goals. The analysis and recommendations are compiled in conjunction with your team to improve their report interpretation skills.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) configuration, deployment and maintenance

Tag managers enable non-developers to perform tasks that were once reserved for developers such as adding marketing and advertising tags to websites and mobile apps. We can plan a GTM configuration for ensuring marketing and sales goals are measured and team members know how to make improvements and adjustments.

Website, data analysis and recommendations

Even the smallest of companies have a variety of old and new data from many sources. We help reconcile and compile these “big data” datasets and data streams into a manageable package that can then be examined to compile goal-based recommendations. With a little practice, your team members will be able to continue to utilize the real-time data to guide future efforts.

Business intelligence dashboards

All operations have data from multiple services and sources. These can be combined to provide customizable charts and graphs that are easier to use than switching among systems or using spreadsheets. We can establish an editable framework of graphical dashboards that all of your teams may use to better reveal trends and portray progress towards business goals.

Online communications training for traditional PR professionals

Few other professions have been impacted by digital more public relations and public affairs. We can help your communications and advocacy team members keep pace with the variety of near constant changes presented by online communications.

Social media Policy development

Organizations need social media policies not to protect themselves from employee statements, but to instead explain to employees how best to use social media to support the organization’s goals, brands and messages. We work with your human resources (HR) and leadership teams to craft policies that both protect and support the organization. We then assist with the roll out of these policies for real impact.

Social media Ambassador training

Your staff, friends and best customers want to support your organization across social media. They simply need to be told how best to promote your brands to become a cadre of social media ambassadors to establish social media momentum.

Analytical framework development, deployment and training

Performance measurement goes well beyond the use of Google Analytics. We help establish a full suite of tools aligned to provide insights on your full suite of sales and marketing programs. This combination of business goals and needs are paired with analytical tool sets, reports, dashboards and analysis for a set of standards as an analytical framework. We then help deploy the framework to support the wide range of measures and analysis for all company brands, programs and campaigns.

Google Analytics (GA) and Matomo configuration, deployment and training

Configuring Google Analytics, Matomo or any other website performance tool goes far beyond the simple placement of code on Web pages.  We examine your goals and business requirements to establish advanced tracking and metrics to match your ongoing business and campaign needs. These configurations are then detailed to your teams so that they may adapt and apply tracking metrics for ongoing management.